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The solution is in the details – industry and requirement specific.

Wherever it is necessary to finely process the surface of different materials in the sense of shaping, removing, levelling, smoothing or polishing, rotary polishing tools are the first choice. Bellotti produces its diverse range of products in excellent material and workmanship quality primarily for the following areas of application.

The sectors at a glance

Dental Technology

Perfectly prepared surfaces play a decisive role in the construction and fitting of dentures.

Smooth, polished teeth are a significant criterion for dental health from an aesthetic and hygienic point of view.

When artificial teeth are produced in the dental laboratory, an optimal later fit of the denture depends on an extremely high accuracy of fit. Here, too, polishing tools are among the dental technician’s most important aids.

Jewellery Manufacture

The shine of noble, highly polished jewellery, but also the matt shimmering precious metal surface are the results of working with rotating polishing tools. Bellotti produces a wide variety of special brushes for the jewellery industry. On the one hand for removing and matting metal, on the other hand for a perfect surface finish.

General Industrial Applications

Whether in shoe manufacture, the surface design of wood, metal and plastics, in the automotive industry, in the cleaning of tools of all kinds: a diversity of special applications make the employment of quality polishing instruments essential.

Model Making

When three-dimensional models are created as images of a later reality – as in the field of architecture or design – the highest possible accuracy of reproduction and attention to detail are essential. Perfect surfaces and the precise fit of individual parts to each other are an absolute must for the technical model maker.

The same applies to the high commitment required in the building of car, ship and aircraft models etc. The miniature brushes from Bellotti are also the very first choice here, too.

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Highest quality

We guarantee the best German quality with the highest quality level. From development to purchase of raw materials, production to the finished packaged product, we deliver perfect & tested Bellotti quality worldwide.

Top materials

We appreciate the trustful and long-standing cooperation with our worldwide suppliers of raw materials e.g. chunking bristles. This ensures our consistent standards - precision at the highest level of technology.

Worldwide Service

We offer the best solutions for all challenges in brush technology and surface treatment - whether standard or customized, at home and abroad, developed and accompanied by our qualified team of employees.


Traditional company

As a 4th generation family business, we have been very committed to our Birkenfeld site near Pforzheim since 1929, with our own product development, in-house production and know-how spanning generations.

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